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Residing In: Wichita, KS USA
Occupation: Retired
Children: 2 Boys, Carlos,born 1977, deceased July of 2003 buried by his father Ray Navarro and Christian born More…1971,living in Wichita Ks now.
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Well here it goes.....After graduation I went to WSU for 1 yr, then I decided to go to cosmetology school.Upon graduation, Ray and I got married June 3,1967. We had 2 sons, Christian born in 1971 and Carlos born in 1977. We were so busy with football and basketball games and other things with our boys. Ray worked @ Lockheed for a while and then my father helped him find a trade in painting, which he really didn't like, but he did it.
We then decided to move to Cal in 1985. And we did, I found a job right away, Ray did to with Lockheed. Life was pretty good for a while, till the Cal life took hold of my older son. Once that was cleared up I then decided to change careers only because I was told I was I was to old and would never make it. I beacme a Correctional Officer for the St. of Cal. I worked in San Quentin for 1 yr then was transferd to CIM and CIW. I worked for 5 years there till Ray became sick. During that time we had a share of problems, some worse then others. We seprated for a while, not really knowing what was wrong with him, and by the time we found out , it was to late. When he was finally diagnosed with cancer of the prostate they told us maybe 6mo to 1 yr. He lasted 13 mos. During this time I also found out he a baby girl. We did work through this before his death, we each asked for forgiviness for all the pain we had caused each other. God is Great. I then was blessed to find a great friend and marry him. We then moved to Texas and have lived here for 11 years. My husband had two children to a son and a daughter about the same age as mine, so we managed to blend to families. Then in Dec of 2002 we lost Lillian my step-daughter in a car accident. She was only 27 and had 4 beautiful little girls, 2,4,5,7.

After that only 6 and 1/2 mo later I lost My Carlos to a medical mistake @ 25. I found my life falling apart, but I am still here. Without God's love and my faith, I would not still be breathing. Thank you for all the wonderful memories @ North High!! Love you all!! Hope to see you at the next reunion. Go Redskins!!!

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John Marshall

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Nothing but wonderful times @ North High. To many to recall. Loved Loved Loved, the pep rallys, basketball games and WAR CRY!!!

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Hi Anita, long time since we have talked. I will be moving back to Wichita and would enjoy to re-connect. Hope to hear from you.

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Happy b-day early. Hope to see you all again soon. I will be moving back to Wichita.